Sempre Beve

Being Italian born, I’ve always embraced timeless style, natural materials, and la dolce vita – the art of living well. My al fresco-scented, eco-friendly candles, On the Rocks, Hydrating Lotions and Liquid Suds convey a touch of the Italian tradition of aperitivi, a civilized ritual of having before-dinner drinks to whet the appetite; it’s about relaxing and enjoying life with friends.

Each scent brings to life the essence of an Italian aperitivo. Tucked inside the Classic 12 oz Candle you'll find a recipe for the Italian aperitivi that inspired your chosen scent. 

Once the products are used the sand-etched glass containers become chic cocktail ware, so don’t discard... start your fabulous collection of glassware, enjoy the camaraderie, and drink to life well-lived!