4.25 oz Aperitini Candle, Orangecello - Blood Orange & Berries

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  • Orangecello is a blend of blood orange and berries

  • Tangy citrus notes of Orangecello refresh and energize any space

4.25 oz
Aperitini Candle

The Aperitini is the Classic Candle’s ‘mini-me’.  And at twice the size of the usual votive candle, the Aperitini will burn for up to 40 hours. Its delightful size is perfect to scatter throughout your home, or in small spaces like a powder room.

When the soy candle is burned the beautiful sand-etched container becomes a tasting glass that fits the hand to perfection! So don’t discard. Start your fabulous collection of glassware, enjoy the camaraderie and drink to life well lived!

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