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The exotic leitmotiv from the spring/summer 2017 collection, AVANTGARDENING, embodies Christian Fischbacher’s first-class design and manufacturing standards. Manufactured in Switzerland using the very finest 105 satin in swiss+cotton quality and with 12 screens for the most luxurious bed linen possible. The design studio, too, has reached new heights with AVANTGARDENING. The leitmotiv thus forms a bridge between artists and decades. The latest technological innovations enable old drawings and paintings from the archive of the Rijksmuseum and the New York Public Library to be given a new lease of life in a digital collage. Christian Fischbacher has captured the most succinct elements of the old artworks and draped them onto a graphic patterned background of peacock’s feathers. Flamingos, little monkeys, birds and butterflies transport us to a fantasy land. A creation by Christian Fischbacher that exudes a feeling of pure joie de vivre.

The heart and soul of the Christian Fischbacher bed linen collection, our Satin, made in Switzerland, is what we do best. Characterized by its delicate sheen and soft, silky feel, it is the base-cloth for much of our creative prints and popular designs.

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