Belle Bedding Collection

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Vendor: Schlossberg Switzerland


The springlike, airy reversible BELLE bedding is framed in mellow sage green piping. The upper side depicts the gently perfumed flower dance of the BLOSSOM design, while the underside shows delicate huckleberries in velvety violet to green tones, scattered across the white satin.

Warp satin, 100% pure long-staple, combed, mercerized cotton of the finest quality. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. Because of the fineness of the thread, the fabric is very lightweight and tightly woven. This means that the satin, also called Swiss satin, weighs only 110g/m2, yet still has a thread count of 100 per cm2. Schlossberg's Satin Noblesse feels wonderfully smooth, fresh, and silky, and draws the eye with its incomparably beautiful, luxurious sheen (ca. 110 g/m2).

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