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With its large-scale floral pattern, FLORALPIN is a textile homage to the natural beauty of Swiss flora. Made in Switzerland using the finest swiss+cotton fabric and twelve printing screens, it is available in either blue or green colourway. Originally drawn in ballpoint pen on blueprint copy paper, the elaborate, very precise drawing features a combination of cornflowers, anemones, cherries and grasses set against a white background. The print also incorporates an impression of the blueprint copy paper, which lends the floral pattern greater depth. A lavish process is used to engrave the screens, resulting in an exceptionally wide range of shades. The swiss+cotton quality seal is a sign of the best quality cotton within the entire Swiss value chain. FLORALPIN uses nothing but the finest Swiss cotton yarn made from extra-long staple Supima cotton. This is 40 per cent more durable than standard cotton fabric. Less than 3 per cent of the world´s cotton production fulfils the stringent quality requirements for this Swiss certification.

Christian Fischbacher only uses extra-long staple Supima cotton with the certified swiss+cotton mark of excellence for its SATIN bed linen. The yarn is woven into an extra fine cotton satin fabric using the coined “Swiss” setting, creating an exceptional, exclusive bed linen. The combination of the elegant yarn, the special weave and the finish lends it a truly unique, elegant sheen. With a weight of just 100 g/m2, it is also much softer and lighter than other cotton satin bed linen.

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