Harlekin Bedding Collection

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HARLEKIN is a fun, diamond pattern inspired by the costume typically worn by a harlequin. This comic character is also a popular subject in the fine arts. A particularly fine example is Paul Cézanne’s 1888 painting Pierrot and Harlequin, which is now on display in Moscow’s Pushkin Museum. Harlequins also appear in many of Picasso’s works, especially those from his Rose Period. Our pattern is printed on percale and finished with a casual washed look. The hand- painted lines give this graphic pattern a rippling softness. HARLEKIN is available in 3 colourways: sky blue, forest green and deep sea.

The CF quality Casual Percale is not your average percale. This bed linen is easy-care, requiring no ironing whatsoever. We recommend washing and tumbling in a full machine so that the wrinkled look is enhanced. In this way the bed linen gets a more natural and casual look and feel.

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