Matisse Bedding Collection

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The Matisse design bears an artistic signature and allows powerful brush strokes to merge into a sea of ​​energy. The expressive plaid is inspired by a colorful picnic blanket. The fresh colors are combined with opaque tones, creating delicate nuances and strong accents.

Warp satin, 100% pure, finest cotton, long pile, combed, mercerized. Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. The fineness of the yarn makes the fabric very light and dense. The satin, also called Swiss satin, weighs only 110g / m2, but has a thread density of 100 threads per 1cm2. Schlossberg's Satin Noblesse feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and smooth and impresses with its incomparably beautiful and elegant sheen (approx. 110 g / m2).

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