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Keeping Your Cool This Summer

If you look online for ideas on how to sleep cool this summer, you may find some very innovative thinking, like:

Blow air over ice.  Put a container of ice directly in front of a fan level with the top of the bed. The ice-cooled air will be noticeably cooler than the room air for the amount of time it takes for the ice to melt which is as long as it should take for you to fall asleep.

Wear cold socks. Take a pair of cotton socks, rinse them in cold water, wring them until they are damp and put them on. Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body.

Sleep in a damp T-shirt. Take a light T-shirt, wet it, wring it out and wear it. Evaporation from the shirt will help to keep you cool enough to sleep for a few hours.

Sleep under a wet sheet or bath towel.  Place a dry towel or sheet on your bed underneath your body and use the wet sheet as your blanket.

Sleep on a straw or bamboo mat. These don’t retain body heat and are cool all night long.

Chill your pillowcase. Put your sheets, blanket, and pillowcases in the freezer all day.


Sleep with “ice blocks. Get a few blocks of “blue ice,” normally sold in supermarkets. Freeze them in the freezer during the day and take them to bed with you at night.

 While some of these ideas might have merit, few pass either the comfort or the “ick”test.  More importantly, we have beat-the-heat solutions that will keep you comfortably cool all summer long. 

Crisp, cool, breezy percale sheets are perfect for hot summer nights.  Choose from 100% Egyptian cotton or Lyocell.  These are incredibly soft and smooth and breathable natural fibers that will take you back to the halcyon days of summer when you were a child, and never had problems falling asleep.

Lighten-up with a summer weight down comforter or ultra-light down blanket and make sure your duvet cover is as light as possible.  We have many sheeting weight choices.  You may even want to eliminate your top sheet for the summer months and just sleep with your comforter in a duvet cover.

Still not cool enough?  Try a cotton or linen blanket or cotton piquet coverlet in place of your down comforter for the summer.

Layer a wool mattress pad between your mattress and fitted sheet.  It may sound hot, but it’s just the opposite.  The wool acts as an insulator, helping to regulate your body temperature keeping you cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather, and it wicks moisture away from you while you sleep.  We have several different wool mattress pads you can choose from.