Orange Cinnamon Lamp Fragrance

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Vendor: Maison Berger Paris


Lampe Berger' catalytic diffusion system purifies the air in your home while diffusing delicate interior fragrances. The delightful Orange Cinnamon Home Fragrance blends the freshness of citrus with warm spices and a touch of white musk.

  • Please note, that our lamp fragrance refills and lamps diffusers CANNOT be shipped to California.
  • Because you deserve the best, we strongly recommend that you use your Lampe Berger exclusively with Maison Berger Paris official perfumes.

    Why? Only the Maison Berger Paris catalysis process guarantees the quality and safety of use with Lampe Berger. The use of any other perfume than those offered by Maison Berger Paris would irreversibly damage your Lampe Berger.

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