Organic Latex & Wool Mattress Toppers

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Strict standards have been imposed on the manufacturing process resulting in the next generation of truly natural mattress toppers. All latex, wool and cotton used in our mattresses and toppers are nontoxic, pesticide and chemical free.


The latex purest latex cores in the world are harvested in Sri Lanka from the sap of the Havea Brasiliensis , or common rubber tree.  The sap can be harvested 180 days of the year, by tapping the tree much like the harvest of maple syrup.  The tree heals within an hour of the tapping.  The sap is whipped into foam which is used in our mattresses.  The foam is graded by density to ensure consistency and long lasting comfort.  The closed cell structure of the latex repels dust, dead skin, pollen and dust mites.

Organic Wool is a very important part of our sleep system and only 100% pure organic wool is used. Our wool is produced on organic sheep farms in Northern California and Texas.  Wool naturally snuffs out flames and exceeds the most stringent flame resistance standards, making the use of caustic chemicals unnecessary.  The wool contains lanolin, a natural substance that prevents the nesting and feeding of dust mites.  Wool retains it comfy loft and provides insulation to provide cool air flow in the summer and warmth in the winter.  Most important, wool automatically adjusts to changing body temperatures, successfully preventing sleep interruption.


  • 1” of 100% Natural Dunlap latex rubber
  • 100% Organic Cotton Sateen Top
  • Filled with natural comfortable pure wool


  • California King (72"x 84")
  • King (76"x 79")
  • Queen (60"x 80")
  • Double (54"x 75")
  • Twin XL (39"x 78")
  • Twin (39"x 75")


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