Voyager Travel Candles

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this travel candle is perfect to bring with you on that overnight stay

Americano scent is a blend of pepper oil, exotic grasses and bergamot.

Caffé Italiano scent is a blend of exotic spices and nuts.

Camillo is relaxed and modern with musk.

Champagna scent is a blend of evergreen and sweet nectar.

Limoncello scent is a blend of lemon and lavender.

La Strega scent is an invigorating blend of aromatic herbs.

Flirtini scent is a blend of pineapple paradiso & ancient herbs.

Spritz scent is light and airy with notes of driftwood and sage.

Novello scent is a blend of complex notes of currant & berries.

Orangecello scent is a blend of blood orange and berries.

Vermuth scent is a blend of fresh green botanicals and citrus.

Veneziano scent is a soft, fresh scent with a blend of apple blossom & pear.

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